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It's that time again! StudioSned is open May 18-19 for the Chester County Studio Tour. Come and visit us in person.
It's free and open to the public!
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Chester County Studio Tour is a spectacular way to explore the creative world of local artists. What is often inaccessible to the public is the ability to see an artist in their own space, working on pieces that they are passionate about. By being able to connect with the art and artist on a deeper level, it is possible to retain those special moments that art provokes. The Chester County Studio Tour provides that connection for one weekend yearly.

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Returning on Sunday, May 19 (weather permitting) ALL THE LIVING AND THE DEAD will be performing at StudioSned.

ATLATD is a five-piece, Philly-based power pop band that blends the raw energy of rock with refined harmonies.

Tim Celfo - guitar, vox
Scott Jefferson - guitar, bass, vox
Doug Reilly - drums
Krista Umile - cello, keys, vox
Marc Umile - bass, guitar, vox
Thanks for stopping by my studio! It was great to see old friends and make new ones. I still have a few pieces available. Please email me if interested.

ALMOST, TOO (with detail)


ALMOST (with detail)


Limited Edition Smokers
Available only at BIERHAUL
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